Ranger’s Apprentice #3: The Icebound Land

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“Never give up because, if an opportunity arises, you have to be ready to take it. Don’t give up,” 

Ranger’s Apprentice #3: The Icebound Land

by John Flanagan


Having been kidnapped by Skandians after the burning of the bridge, Will and Evanlyn find themselves in a precarious position. When the hope of a ransom for the princess is dashed, they have to stick together and hopefully escape being a slave for the man that wants to kill Evanlyn and her royal family.

Halt on the other hand is impatient to go after his apprentice, to the point of treason. Because of his friendship with the King, he is not hanged, but banished from Araluen for a year. Horace follows the Ranger and joins up with him in his search for their friends.


This one kept me hooked just as much as the last book (and thankfully had much more Halt in it). I loved seeing Will’s confidence and courage at the beginning in this one. And then suddenly, you’re watching this smart, brave, strong character turn into a mindless drone due to being drugged. It was heartbreaking! Really well written and took me completely off-guard.

Anyways, overall, this was just as good as the first two and left you will a sense of satisfaction. I can’t wait to read the next one! Again, these books are a great read for anyone who has enjoyed Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Eragon and Percy Jackson.

Age Group: 14+

Content Concerns: Fighting, Slavery, Injustice, Torture

Language: 3/10 So I have to go back through the last books cause I never caught any swear words, but I could be wrong, cause there were quite a few in here. All PG words though. 

D**n or D****d p. 60, 84, 96, 102, 157, 158, 201

H**l p. 111, 115

Lord’s name in vain p. 3, 13, 180

p. 23-26, 46 General insulting remarks about another character. No foul language.

Violence: 4/10 Not as violent as the last one, but there are a couple squimishy parts that I think were for a more mature group.

p. 3-8 Characters are tossed about in a storm and get slightly injured.

p. 11-13 Bandits threaten people (Halt tells them to leave, ever so politely)

p. 21 Mentions violence from the previous book and a character gets kicked in the backside.

p. 26-27 A minor standoff

p. 73 Mentions characters brawling

p. 101-107 General brawling. One character gets grabbed by the wrist and threatened. Another character throws a knife, but does not hurt anyone. A character gets knocked to the ground.

p. 109, 120 Knights duel. No one is killed or seriously injured.

p. 124-125 Character gets a bruised shoulder.

p. 140-145 This section deals with slavery and drug use.

p. 164-165 Talk of committing suicide (a ruse, not really meant). A character is struck.

p. 171-173 A character threatens another with a dagger.

p. 178-180 This section was far more disturbing than the other violence which is why the rating is higher. It deals with torture, imprisonment and death. While no main characters are tortured or killed, we still see through their eyes. Corpses and people near death are described, not in great detail, but it gives you a pretty vivid picture.

p. 197-198 Characters are told they will be punished by the same method we saw in the previous section.

p. 209-212 Characters duel and one is killed.

p. 215-216 Effects of dug use/withdrawal. While this is not very descriptive or disturbing, it’s still something to be aware of.

p. 249-253 Characters duel and one is killed. Bit more descriptive than the last duel but mild.

p. 260 An animal is killed. They need to eat.

Sexual Content: 1/10 There is no time for any romance in this one. 

p. 78-83 Reference to prostitutes. They speak in a different language and the character who understands does not explain what they are saying accurately to the other. There is no verbal mention of what they are, but if you understood prostitution and the way it works, then you would get it.


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