Ranger’s Apprentice #4: The Battle for Skandia

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Ranger’s Apprentice #4: The Battle for Skandia

by John Flanagan

” “How can you stay so calm?”

It helps if you’re terrified.” ” 



Having escaped slavery in the capital of Skandia, Will and Evanlyn are waiting out the winter until they can cross over the pass and get back to Araluen. Halt and Horace are on the other side of that pass, ready to ride through and rescue their friends. But when both parties discover a dire threat to the Skandians which could eventually effect even Araluen, they return to help the Skandians defeat their new mutual enemy.



All I have a good words about these books I swear. I have loved every one of them so far, and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed in the others either. The action is just the right amount for young teens, and the intrigue and strategy make you think differently. It keeps your brain humming and wanting more.


I honestly was whisper screaming at Halt half the time to hurry up though. There were a lot of tense moments in this book. But, because it’s a young adult book, things tend to work out the right way, or at least a way that makes sense.

It was great to see how much the characters had grown, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Even after almost a year apart, these characters are still connected. There is a moment of getting used to each other again, and that’s absolutely natural. But then, they all come together and use each of the strengths they’ve gained over the past three books to help in the final fight.



Overall, it is a great series and it has a good ending, not necessarily the one we all hope for, but it leaves an opening for the next books to fill. So excited to get started on the next one!


Age Group:14+

To readers: This book is AWESOME! It has action, it has slight romance (no kissing, don’t worry) and there’s a lot of strategy. The apprentice characters get to rise to their full potential in this one and it is EPIC! (yeah, I’m old and I use that word). The violence is a little bit descriptive during the battle, some blood and guts, so if you aren’t a fan, you can have a parent, sibling or teacher take a look and help with cutting out some of those parts. You don’t ever have to be ashamed of wanting to skip parts in a book! I do it all the time!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

To parents/teachers: This book is somewhat violent, but no more so than the Lord of the Rings films. If your reader has an issue with too much description, then look through the battle portion and see how much of it they would actually like reading, and maybe block out some portions with tape and paper or marker if it’s your own copy.


Content Concerns: Fighting, War, Peril

Language: 1/10 Very minor language. PG level only.

D**n p. 19, 80, 136, 281

H**l p.112

Lord’s name in vain p. 281, 284

Violence: 4/10 The main fight scene is pretty violent. PG-13 level, I’d compare it to Lord of the Rings battles.

p. 28-34 A character is kidnapped and hit several times,

p. 42-43 Description of dead soldiers (mild)

p. 49-50 Talk of killing a character

p. 60-61 Character is rescued and the enemies are injured/killed.

p. 104 A rider is shot

p. 185 A character has been beaten for information and their wounds are described (mild)

p. 219-268 Main battle (moderate description – PG-13 level)

Sexual Content: 0/10 Talk of romantically caring for someone. No detail really.

p. 142 Mentions a concubine but no explanation of what that is.


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