The Adventures of Cardigan

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“The lady opened the cage door to let the little corgi out. It ran to Jaime, jumping up on him and knocking him over. She licked his face as they rolled on the floor, giggling like they were best friends.”

The Adventures of Cardigan

by Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau



When Jamie asks his mother for a puppy, what neither of them expect to find is that the one dog they need is a fully grown Cardigan Welsh Corgi. However, after taking her home, they understand that “Cardigan” is the best dog they could hope for. She and Jamie go on several adventures together and bond over blueberries, kittens and bicycle wheels.



I loved reading this picture book! Each of the five stories were exciting and playful. The characters had great personality, and Cardigan of course was center stage in each with her protective and happy spirit. The paintings seemed a little stiff at first, but between the colors and the expressions of the characters, it really made them pop. I love the use of watercolors as well. It’s my favorite art medium to see because it seems to be softer and more calming than the others.

Overall, it is a great set of stories to read to your child, or have them read on their own!


Age Group: 2+ (reading level is closer to 6 years old but the stories are good for all ages)

Content Concerns: Very mild peril when they encounter a bear, nothing to be too concerned about.


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