The Case of the Robot Sabotage

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The Case of the Robot Sabotage

by Elizabeth Pietrantonio

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”



“Jazz thinks she and her friends are up for the challenge of a robotics competition—but are they? Will they get going when the going gets tough? Will they get the support they need? And what can they do when parts start going missing? Join Jazz and her friends, Scottie, Theo, and Esther as they take on this new adventure!” (taken from Reedsy Discovery



I got this book in pdf form for free from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review. That being said, I have since put it on my Amazon list to buy in paperback when I get the chance because I loved it that much! I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology and as a Tech nerd I can say that this was a healthy approach at inspiration for girls wanting to go into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

The girls backgrounds were diverse, automatically making it easy to connect with one or all of them. I enjoyed each of their unique personalities. They were adventurous and ready to try something new, no matter what other people said. And sadly, in real life, people do say hurtful things about people (women and men alike) working in these areas. And no, the answer is not always:


(though it is very likely that is the problem….)

I especially appreciated that the girls faced down their problems together, and included adults in their thinking process. They didn’t just go after the thief stealing their robot parts themselves, they got a teacher involved. This is very important for kids and teens to learn that they are not alone when being bullied. Just pick your adult wisely, cause not all of us are very mature and responsible…



I was glad the author even addressed how many adults were willing and ready to help them when they wrote about their “support network”. Not every child has that kind of support system, but they can look to their teachers and mentors for guidance in that respect.

Finally, it was great to see a book that didn’t revolve around drama. It focused on the goal. Yes there were moments of emotional stress (who doesn’t have that in the real world) but it showed the girls getting through it. Cause like Jazz says in the book, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”


Age Group: 10+ Though the characters are around 14 in this book, it’s acceptable and understandable for younger kids. I didn’t list any specific pages because I really don’t thing there were any places that needed more scrutiny.

Content Concerns: Some teasing and name calling, stealing, sabotage

Language: 0.5/10 Mostly name calling. No swearing. There is a bit of demeaning comments about girls participating in technology competitions, very mild but an important subject to address.

p. 51 A character tells one of the girls they will never get a boyfriend if them compete in the STEM competition.

Violence/Gore: 0/10 None

Sexual Content: 0/10 Girls talk about boys in their class being cute and wanting to date them but that’s it.


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