Julian Fox: The Dream Guardian

Julian Fox: The Dream Guardian

by E. J. Miranda
Sneak Peek

“It is said that dreams are just that: only dreams. But believe me, this is not always true. Some dreams are as real as the dreamer.

Thanks to their dreams, dreamers can receive the special visit of eternal wisdom that has inspired the creativity of great inventors, scientists, musicians, and even writers throughout the ages.

This creative wisdom is not always the type that appears to the eager conscience. Sometimes, a Defiler, a destroyer of dreams, is the one who tries to appear before the dreamer. These creatures were once humans, but they allowed their pain and desire for revenge to take over and seek the same miserable fate for the one who dreams.

You must not fear — Dream Guardians, also known as Kelsdrant, will always protect the one who dreams, even with their own life. They are people of flesh and bone, just like you and me, or at least they are on Earth.

The following story is dedicated to the fun, extravagant, and enlightening life of Julian Fox, the Dream Guardian.

Be prepared, dear reader. It is time to dream, laugh, reflect, and even maybe cry.

Welcome to the Land of the Wise Dreams. ”

Author Bio

E.J. Miranda is an avid reader, an enthusiastic traveler, and a passionate author. Her great sense of humor and love for nature have granted her a rebellious writing style: her approach describes the adventures of life, but in such a way that each reader can have an individual take on the matter. Her inspiration comes from her curiosity about other countries’ cultures and peculiarities. A few countries in particular which spark her curiosity are Colombia, Italy, Costa Rica, England, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Her favorite places to visit are historical sites and museums, locations that allow her to explore important and even overlooked details. She currently lives with her husband in Colombia, but frequently travels to Houston to visit her daughter and son. E.J. Miranda has a degree in tax accounting, but she prefers interacting with people to calculating their taxes. To learn more about her life and work, visit www.ejmiranda.com.



While not a personal favorite, this book was an interesting read! I loved the concept of the Dream Guardians, and the switching between worlds was really fun. There was enough drama in his real life, sword fighting action in the other and a blend of compassion, love and family in both.

I loved Julian’s character as the stalwart, compassionate hero. His playful side with his brother was fun as well. I loved the supporting characters as well, especially Nicholas, Eva and Elizabeth. The group worked well together.

It did take me until about page 150 to really get into the book, and even then it was a little slow in places. The wording was a little flowery in some parts, and then very direct and too the point in others and that threw me off a little. I would have understood if the language had been different in the two different worlds, but it was mixed throughout the book.

I enjoyed some of the history portions, and others I just glanced over. It would have been easier if there had been one villain to fight, but I get where she was coming from with weaving in the history. I do think this book was meant to be aimed at New Adults as the characters are all college age and have pretty much got their lives together, maybe not the romantic aspect of it, but for the most part, well rounded individuals who know who they are. That being said, it was a good clean read that could be suggested to younger readers, though the vocabulary is a little more advanced than what teens would normally encounter.

Overall, great concept, slightly less than ideal execution, but an enjoyable read in the end. Just a warning, it is a cliff hanger!

Age Group: 18+ (just for the sake of understanding)
Content Concerns: General fighting, romantic relationship problems, pranking,
Language: 1/10 Some teasing, pranking and name calling, but very mild and in a more affectionate way than bullying.
Violence/Gore: 3/10 Though not as descriptive as other books, there are a lot more fighting scenes in here. The main character does get injured a few times, and the villain characters get hurt as well. Also, the history portions that are describing the villains former lives are a bit graphic in places.
Sexual Content: 2/10 Lots of kisses, some passionate, but not descriptive. Some suggestive comments, but still within the PG realm.

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