Tiger Livy


Tiger Livy

by Erin Garcia and Betsy Miller

Illustrated by Ivreese Tong


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Livy is a vibrant, clever little girl who usually loves to play and pounce like a tiger. That is until one day when she unexpectedly gets very sick. Now Livy isn’t able to play the same, she doesn’t feel like herself, and some of her friends treat her differently.

Finding inspiration from her favorite feline, Livy transforms her mindset and takes on the monumental task of mentally and emotionally healing from chronic illness.

Hear Livy roar today!



This was a beautiful example of a child’s strength. It’s hard to see children suffer through chronic illnesses like what Livy was going through. It’s hard enough as an adult to endure the medicine and hospital visits, but a child? I can’t imagine having to do that as a kid.

I would say that this is an excellent book to help children understand what sick kids are going through. The first few pages are hard, because you’re dealing with the emotions on the characters faces, and it may frighten or upset younger children. However, with explanation and encouragement, I think that this book would be a good fit for anyone wanting to help explain differences.

Age Group: 6+ (reading level is closer to 8 years old but the stories are good for all ages)

Content Concerns: This is a book about a girl with a chronic disease. As such there are moments of sadness and anger, more specifically at the beginning of the book. It does have a happy ending, but it can be upsetting to smaller readers.


Watch this News Clip about the real Livy!

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