The Why-entist and the Wild Weather

  The Why-entist and the Wild Weather By Jane Lowry Illustrations by Sukarno Achmad Children's STEM Picture Book Hardback The Why-entist is a girl who asks a lot of questions! After her uncle cuts down a forest and causes a lot more carbon dioxide to get into the air, the weather gets wild with big winds … Continue reading The Why-entist and the Wild Weather

Tiger Livy

Tiger Livy by Erin Garcia and Betsy Miller Illustrated by Ivreese Tong Goodreads Buy it: Amazon, Target, B&N, Kobo   Synopsis Livy is a vibrant, clever little girl who usually loves to play and pounce like a tiger. That is until one day when she unexpectedly gets very sick. Now Livy isn't able to play the same, she doesn't feel … Continue reading Tiger Livy

The Adventures of Cardigan

"The lady opened the cage door to let the little corgi out. It ran to Jaime, jumping up on him and knocking him over. She licked his face as they rolled on the floor, giggling like they were best friends."

Magic Treehouse #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark

"The wind picked up. It was whistling now. The treehouse started to spin. "What's happening?" cried Jack. "Get down!" shouted Annie. She pulled him back from the window. The treehouse was spinning. Faster and faster. Jack squeezed his eyes shut. He held on to Annie. Then everything went still. Absolutely still."