Rating System

With my review comes a rating system that will help you the reader or parent to understand what content is in the book that might be concerning to your child.

Each review is split into sections. I’ve placed an example below and a description of what each section is about so you can understand the way it is set up.

Age Group: Here I will put the age group that I believe that the book is appropriate for. I always put a + at the end because after that age, I believe anyone can read the book, no matter how old they are. My usual age groups are spaced every 2 years from 6-18. Sometimes I will rate them on the in-between years but not often.

Content Concerns: This is where I will put my review of the content that may be concerning. I won’t go into detail but I will let you know if there is anything written descriptively and explain further in the appropriate rating section.

Language: Here I will rate the swear words in the book on a scale of 0-10, 0 being nothing and 10 being filled with sear words on almost every page. I don’t particularly like read books like that so the rating will most likely not raise above a 3 or 4. And as they are young adult and children’s books, I shouldn’t expect to see many reviews with any language or 0. I will let you know what page the words are on and what words they are by using an asterisk after the first letter.

For example:

p. 7  d*** and s***

Violence: Here I will rate the level of violence on that same 0-10 rating. Again, I don’t particularly like violence in books I read so it will not be over more than a 5 usually. If I think it is particularly gorey I will rate it higher and explain why.

I will also give you the page numbers for the violent sections in the book so you can be prepared and able to skim if you would like to do so.

For example:

p.113-125 This section is a battle scene that is particularly violet. Descriptions of beheading are present.

Sexual Content: Here I will again use the 0-10 rating. I do include kisses and general romance in my review but they never get above a 2 in the rating. When there is other content (ie. lengthy and descriptive making out, insinuated but not described sex, or any sexual subject matter that may not be suitable for younger readers) I will rate it higher. I will not read any book that has any sex scene in it, so if you want a review of one, go to someone else.

For example:

p. 150-152 This section shows a couple kissing very intimately.