Sophia & the Dragon Who Came for Dinner


“There’s something absolutely wondrous about Sophia… When she doesn’t want to eat her food, an enormous green dragon comes for dinner!”

Sophia & the Dragon: Who Came for Dinner

by Sarah J Williams

UK: , Foyles and Rowanvale Books.

USA: and Barnes & Noble.

Sweden: Adlibris and Bokus

Norway: Tanum.



One day, when Sophia is settling down to eat her dinner, she gets an unexpected guest… A dragon has come to dinner! And he really doesn’t want to share his food. Being a very hungry and mischievous little girl, can Sophia resist eating it all? (synopsis taken from book website)



A delightful story, especially for children who have trouble eating their dinner! The story is fanciful, cute and has just the right amount of silliness that children will be laughing at the dragon and Sophia’s antics.

My own niece and nephew used to have problems wanting to eat at specific times when she was a kid, so when she was at our house, my mom came up with “Miss Manners” who was a little bit like Mary Poppins, with a British accent who was astounded when children did not eat their food, or had bad manners at the table. It always brought a laugh and the kids did eat their food. It’s great to have stories and games like these to help teach kids that eating their food (especially vegetables) is fun, not a chore.


Age Group: 4+ (reading level is closer to 6 years old but the story is good for all ages)

Content Concerns: The dragon can make frightening noises, but that’s it.


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